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Professional Team Coaching

Dear Leader,

In these uncertain times, we can all be forgiven for being nervous about the future success of our businesses.  One thing is certain, to maintain a successful business everybody needs to be pulling together. Team work and collaboration is the magic elixir behind performance and profitability.   And yet, working remotely or in a hybrid fashion can be a huge barrier to effective team work; it’s so tempting for us to hunker down and work independently of others.  

Sometimes teams encounter specific

Help coach your team
Is remote working crushing team morale?

performance issues, broken relationships or even claims of bullying in the workplace. 

Even at the best of times these issues are challenging to navigate as a leader, but add in the pressure of a pandemic and working remotely and team morale and performance can go through the floor. 

Often it’s not clear why team performance dips.  You hire the most experienced people for your business, who have the skills and best intentions, but several months down the line you discover things are not running as smoothly as you had hoped. It could have been a difficult quarter for your business or there could have been more workload than your team was expecting. There could even be clashing personalities  or poor management skills impacting performance.

Low morale and fractured teams can lead to once loyal staff beginning to find alternative roles in the hands of your competitors, to get away from the strain they feel in your business. Your customers could soon notice a dip in service delivery and take their business elsewhere. 

Where to start?

Take some time to talk to every member of your team and find out what’s working and what
challenges they are facing. Are they inspired by a shared vision and purpose? Do they work well
together? How are the levels of wellbeing and resilience across the team? As common themes
emerge it will become clearer what the priorities are. Now could be the time to talk to a team

Team Coach A Group
An Operations Leadership Team at work

What is Team Coaching?

A professional team coach can help re-ignite the passion in your people.
At True Team, our coaches focus on surfacing things that often are left unsaid; improving everyone’s awareness of what the whole team is facing and increasing positive energy and performance where necessary.

Professional team coaching is a process of workshops delivered face to face or online, designed to improve the relationships and the impact of the key teams in your business. Your coach will work with your priorities and gently guide your team

Team Coaching
We are able to host our Team Coaching sessions online!

through a series of discussions, highlighting if there is difference between what you say you want to achieve and what you are actually doing as a team.

Helpful when a team needs to improve performance, pull together, overcome discord, and/or reach targets and goals quicker.

Executive team coaching is available face to face or remotely online (for example on Zoom / Microsoft teams)

Systemic team coaching is done in partnership with the team and serves both the team and what the stakeholder community needs. Normally it is a learning journey, not a one off event.  However we do offer taster “jump start” packages that may suit a team that needs to re-focus its efforts and overcome a specific challenge quickly.  

A team coach offers reflection, support and stretch at many levels, individual, team, organisational and environmental. A programme of systemic team coaching will support a team of talented individuals to become greater than the sum of their parts by providing a structured, facilitated and regular opportunity for the team to get together to tackle a range of challenges.

  • Agreeing a shared purpose and set of performance goals

  • Delivering against and managing the expectations of different stakeholders

  • Increasing pace - running and transforming business areas at the same time

  • Strategy development

  • Innovation and new product development

  • Increasing the team’s capacity for working through conflict

  • Discussing, debating and challenging each other (overcoming group think) on the important issues

  • Supporting and engaging with remote and virtual teams

  • Building trust across the team and with key stakeholders

  • Developing a learning system that can serve the capacity and capability of each team member

  • Holding each other to account

“I’m really pleased with the collaboration that has come out of team coaching, it’s been really helpful for you to steer us through this journey”
Stuart Anstead
Partnership Director – North Somerset Counci
“On the whole we’ve moved significantly as a team. We do have the odd blip and we need to remind each other what we’ve committed to but on the whole the partnership is a lot stronger”
Steve Mawn
Client Director – Agilisys
“I definitely think we’re a stronger team down to these sessions. They’ve given us time to be together and help facilitate better relationships”
Rob Liddell
Customer Services Director – Agilisys
Team Coaching

Our Credentials

  • Master practitioner in Systemic Team Coaching (AoEC)

  • Professionally ICF Certified Coach (PCC)

  • Trusted by multiple institutes and business to design & deliver leadership development training - Including universities, local authorities and police forces

  • Coached Over 750 Leaders - Across UK and Europe.

  • MSc. In Consulting And Coaching For Change - from HEC Paris & University of Oxford.

Professional Team Coaching Packages

Jump start team coaching – team 360° diagnostic, individual interviews and a team development session.

Foundation building team coaching packagea six month programme of work, for example focussing on raising energy and performance, team relationships or innovation and improvement

Transformational team coaching package – a full service package of coaching support for your team – speak to us about your vision and we will design a bespoke package of support to meet your needs.

Look For Team Coach
Team Innovation Session
Professional Team Coaching

Is it value for money?

Most people who use a professional team coach report feelings of renewed focus, enhanced work performance, a sense of achievement and improved confidence. It can be difficult to know the effect of team coaching on your business. But it is possible to estimate its impact.  Especially if you identify Key Performance Measures (KPIs) before and after the team coaching.

There are a variety of financial measures that can be modelled depending upon the organisation’s KPIs, including increased sales, reduced costs and employee productivity. We will work with you to agree your KPIs and can provide a more complete example of how our approach represents value for money.

Coaching return on a team of 8 – conservative estimate – middle management team
For a team of 8 executives, experiencing low engagement and productivity
The challenge: Re-inspire, re-connect and retain all people, earning approx. £60K pa
If this prevents ¼ of the team from leaving (2 people)
Avoidance of recruitment costs at 10% salary = 2 x £6K = £12K avoided
1 day per team member saved in time due to better collaboration = 8 x £264 = £2,114 saved
Training of 2 new staff, at least £2K each = £2K x 2 = £4K avoided
Total saving of £18,114

In addition, if each team member improves their focus, collaborates better and achieves a 5% increase in productivity, this will lead to additional savings in time and resources, representing outstanding value (both hard and soft) to the organisation.

Is Team Coaching Suitable For My Business?

We believe that every business could benefit from the team coaching that we provide. However, it really comes down to whether you believe your team will improve without the dedicated attention and expertise of an experienced coach.

If you think that your team will develop better ways of working alone then you might not want the services of a team coach.

However, if you are finding that your own efforts to resolve your business challenges are not helping, you have tried several team building exercises already and found no change in the quality and energy of your team, then we are here to help.

Group To Professionally Coach
Team Coach At Work

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